ReVolt Research welcomes you.

ReVolt Research is the product managing entity of the ReVolt3000 battery reconditioning and maintenance systems made possible thanks to


ReVolt Research is developing enhancements to the use procedures and product features of the ReVolt3000 family of products and is currently releasing a new generation of products for 2019.

In its search for constant improvement in the effectiveness ReVolt3000 based systems for recovering dead batteries and extending the lives of working ones, Revolt Research processes many otherwise discarded as dead car and truck batteries which are then resold through the ReVolt Battery Exchange outlet.

zt4assetchart20180110_103122This gives Revolt Research a great amount of in-the-field data to analyze and make product improvements with. It also provides customers of the Revolt Battery Exchange, batteries for only $25 and helps clean up yards, garages, car dealers, auto shops, farms, etc. by keeping batteries out of the trash/recycle process which otherwise would still cause pollution.


Revolt Research is not a public entity at this time.  Please direct any questions you may have regarding investment or other interests to its owning entity, ZTech4, LLC.