Battery Power Restoration Products

New ReVolt Pro- S1 – Details & Pricing

2019. Intended for use by companies and individuals who need to quickly restore useful power level function or performance to dead or weak lead-acid automotive and smaller batteries 12 volt batteries. Functions on a bench or under the hood.  Used by the Revolt Battery Exchange to repair customers batteries for a fee.



New ReVolt AuGoose E4

2019. Intended for use by businesses which need to quickly revive quantities of dead or weak batteries on a 24/7 unattended basis. Processes up to 4 batteries automatically. Typically used in Revolt Battery Exchange stores for non-destructive battery recycling. Works on lead-acid automotive and smaller batteries 12 volt batteries. Proven statistically capable (sample size 10,000 batteries) of recovering or improving 60% to 70% of dead or weak batteries that were not physically damaged or deficient*.

Intended to be used in a prepared or fixed location.


2019 Original sales price $1,600.00 *Presently only available to Revolt Battery Exchange Licensees.

*For data and support of performance claims – click here.

For inquiries and purchasing, please contact the Revolt Battery Exchange 775-224-3025.

Original Revolt3000


Built and sold between 2014 and 2015. Intended for experimental use to restore power and revive dead rechargeable types of batteries of various types and sizes, primarily lead-acid types,NiCD and NiMh.


Originally sales price $299.00. Still supported.


*System can not repair batteries which are physically broken or do not have the necessary chemical elements within all cells. For example, a broken case, cells that are dried out, cells that have contaminants that prevent or interfere with the electrochemical processes.