Battery Power Restoration Products

New ReVolt Pro- S1 – Details & Pricing

2019. Intended for use by companies and individuals who need to quickly restore useful power level function or performance to dead or weak lead-acid automotive and smaller batteries 12 volt batteries. Functions on a bench or under the hood.  Used by the Revolt Battery Exchange to repair customers batteries for a fee.



New ReVolt AuGoose E4

2019. Intended for use by businesses that need to quickly revive quantities of dead or weak batteries on a 24/7 unattended basis. Processes up to 4 batteries automatically. Available only to licensees of ReVolt Battery Exchange Stores. Used in Revolt Battery Exchange stores for non-destructive battery recycling. Works on lead-acid automotive and smaller batteries 12 volt batteries. Proven statistically capable (sample size 10,000 batteries) of recovering or improving 60% to 70% of dead or weak batteries that were not physically damaged or deficient*.

Intended to be used in a prepared or fixed location.


2019 Original sales price $1,600.00 *Presently only available to Revolt Battery Exchange Licensees.

*For data and support of performance claims – click here.

For inquiries and purchasing, please contact the Revolt Battery Exchange or call 775-525-6868

Original Revolt3000


Built and sold between 2014 and 2015. Intended for experimental use to restore power and revive dead rechargeable types of batteries of various types and sizes, primarily lead-acid types,NiCD and NiMh.


Originally sales price $299.00. Still supported.


*System can not repair batteries which are physically broken or do not have the necessary chemical elements within all cells. For example, a broken case, cells that are dried out, cells that have contaminants that prevent or interfere with the electrochemical processes.